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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Settling In

We have survived the first week well - it was different adopting a full grown adult - we've dealt with Cat Envy, darting off, etc.. We're working very hard on the command "come" - we're getting there. Trust is a big part of that so it  will come in time. The weather has been beautiful this weekend so we've been out a lot in the yard, she very much enjoys horsing around with Reuben - they get along well,flying around the yard like a pair of whirling dervishes. Poor David has been having an awful week - he has that upper respiratory that hangs on forever. He's been to the doctor and got antibiotics but after a full night up with him hacking and coughing I went back to the best thing ever invented. A vaporizer, Vick's and the Tylenol version of NyQuil. We hadn't had to use the vaporizer recently but when we finally located it - ick! Out it went and a new one was bought. I love vaporizers, David slept soundly the next night with no coughing at all. Adam is off today on college orientation, he starts tomorrow. We heard from a couple of his friends that his references were checked so hopefully that will be resolved too. But he can always put in for jobs in PA since the job he was interviewed for was in WV and he was accepted to the college in PA - isn't that way things always seem to happen? I'm working on the second sock this week, the first one came out pretty good. After that I'm not sure what I'll be working on, with the spring like weather I'm thinking of cotton rather than wool I must admit. Oh the weather has been insanely wonderful - sunny, warm with a little breeze - whee!! The bad part of course is this is just a mid-winter tease. We're all dorking around in sweaters and little jackets with no hats, peering at my turned garden, looking at seeds in Walmart, and by next week WHACK. The temperature will drop and spring will be that much further away - I love these days midwinter but I hate that it makes the days til the real thing rolls around seem that much out of reach.

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