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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Settling In.

 Things are finally - finally! - starting to settle back down. My work situation has been resolved - I hope and I am feeling less stressed. David is finishing up the house in Bruceton Mills - and better yet, the RE already has someone to look at it and we haven't even talked about listing it. But by the end of the month it will either be rented or on the market. Adam started college this week with a full load of classes, he's met a few people and Ruby has called twice following up his references which is a good sign, they said they will let him know by next week. If it doesn't pan out he can start to look for a job in PA.  But today he is not feeling well, he's probably coming down with that upper respiratory infection David had  so he's next in line for the vaporizer. David's better and back to work, glad to be done with that. Jackson and Brandi are continuing with their wedding plans, I cannot wait and I'm so happy for them. They make a great couple, don't they?  I went to a new Yarn store today which was nice, it's called Kid Ewe Knot - some of the yarn was dauntingly expensive ($50?!!) but most of it was reasonable and the people that own it are very nice and friendly. I bought yet another skein of sock yarn and some new DPNs plus a sock pattern that she threw in for free. She laughed when she stuck in the bag saying it was not probably not good business - I told her I was pretty sure it was!. Let's face it, we all go for the freebies don't we? When I'm not knitting I'm reading, very much loving my new ereader and the $100 worth of ebooks I bought after Christmas. Molly is doing wonderfully - we so love that dog! We've progressed to no leash the past couple of days, she still has her moments but they are farther  and fewer between. She and Reuben are the best of friends - where one goes the other follows.  The weather has been beautiful the past two weekends but with warmer temperatures comes the mud - the mud here reaches epic proportions, sucking off your shoes and forming great lumps on the soles. It splashes up your pants and just a tiny amount  can coat the entire kitchen floor. I keep a pair of old too big shoes for the yard and just peel off the layers once in awhile. I have some pants I wear for gardening - I suppose they are my Play Pants - the older  I get the more my childhood comes back. But that's OK - because I am only reliving the good parts.

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Donna said...

Now I'm glad I don't knit. It would interfere with my reading.