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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Horse Shoes and Hand Grenades.

Today has been a day of almosts and near misses. I got a call from my glaucoma doctor wanting to see me in the office today as they had gotten my message about the swelling over the weekend. I went in because although I didn't think there would be a problem when it comes to things like your sight, you can never be too careful. The news was good - he had no idea why the area around my eye had swelled but didn't think it had anything to do with the previous surgeries. He tested both my eyes and good news! - the pressure is down in both of them so he was very pleased and I was very relieved. So it was a pretty quick visit all in and all - I was on my way back home late morning. Then my car started making a noise. Between the front wheels. sigh. Since we are  up and running off to the Mother Land (heading to my sister's and NJ) tomorrow of course it was a issue. I called my dealer and they said to bring it in at 12:30 or so. I had enough time to go home, tell everyone to get dressed and back out the door again - and of course, it stopped making the noise. The mechanic met me in service and took it for a ride, no problem. He said this time of year getting a pebble stuck which will make that noise is not usual so the car was fine and back home again. We didn't do too much while Jackson and Brandi were here with the holidays, me working, and other sundry items but we did get some time to play in. I took them over to see the Bruceton Mills house which is coming along, hopefully it will be up and running in a couple weeks, then we did the bookshop and then off to the Chinese buffet. Adam chose to stay home, he just wanted a little time alone. After we get back on Sunday if all goes according to plan our new dog Molly will be here, I am off on Monday to make sure she gets settled in alright. So 2013 is stuttering in, but will be picking up speed soon we hope.

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