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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

On Call.

 I do not like being on call, never have never will. It's stressful in my orderly world, I always need to know when, how and why - on call to me is the chaos of nursing. But aside from a very busy Saturday and some issues with the actual on call service -plus our telephone service through Windstream decided that this week - of all weeks!! - to have the long distance go down nation wide. "Long distance" meaning anything past Mount Morris. Since the cell service out here is sketchy at best it has made it very interesting On the super upside we get paid for it! so that will be more yarn money to squirrel away. I had my 52nd birthday yesterday and got the Kobo Mini reader I've been after - it's so cool. It's really tiny, about 5 inches high by four inches and I can tote it around in my purse. I'm not officially celebrating til this weekend when I'm off call. David had offered to take me out to dinner but by the time I get home I'm tired and if you want to invoke Murphy's Law try going somewhere while you're on call, you're just asking for trouble. David bought me my favorite sundae from Dairy Queen so it was a good day. I'm moving along on my two at a time socks, I've finished the toes and feet and currently am knitting the leg portion up. I did find a pattern I liked that wasn't too hard to keep it from being boring. Reuben is still recovering and has a big hole in his leg from where he pulled the staples out. But it was not cancer so we're glad about that - I can NOT go through that twice!

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