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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Aging Gracefully - Nah. What's The Point?

One of the things I love about my job is working with people in my own age group. If I say anything about 8 tracks, fanny packs or Jordache jeans, they not only know what I'm talking about - they actually owned them at one time. We have the same sense of humor, moan about the same things, the heat goes up and down depending on what stage of menopause you're hitting today. We have the Boys too - they're all between 25 and 30, they're fun too, but the majority of our staff is about my age. They take turns coming up to the office to help out and even though I'm looking forward to getting my co-worker back - and hopefully soon - having them visit on a regular basis is nice, I think they enjoy it too. Work has started picking up again - so I'm running once again. The hard part is even though I have help 4 days a week everyone is a Helper Bee which means even though they're getting stuff done, it's not a consistent getting things done. I'm still doing a lot because I'm the only one familiar with the patients and the staff - it's just easier to and faster to do it myself then play 20 questions. David has been moving our stuff up to the Cat Pee House - he takes a load up every day. Claw has been driving him NUTS - every time she sees him lately she has to go Out. Then come In. Then Out. Then In - you get the idea. If he doesn't get up and open the door - she howls and carries on - I don't know which is more hilarious - her Melodious Voice or The Wide Variety Of Death Threats followed by long soliloquies on how much David despises Claw the Cat Friend. And being obnoxious and self centered his rabid raves don't appear to affect her much, she just sits there patiently howling away - she has all night and he knows it.

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