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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Can You Hear Singing? Not Yet.

I've been quite busy lately, haven't I? Work, Bushkill, Liz, buying a house, State College, work, on and on. I sleep good though. I do, my head hits that pillow and out I go. David goes to Stroudsburg daily with Miss Pants riding shotgun, she is having a ball. She peers at the deer and races around the yard. She bounces up and down the stairs and makes a general pest of herself. David has had to take down a couple of walls and sheet rock due to the Cat-Pee-Ness - he said some sheets he's taken down will blow your hair back. But it's breathable now and the carpet will be going down in a couple of weeks after he gets the floors and walls settled. Work has been picking up crazy crazy and now we are hitting phase two where we are no longer nibbling at the edges but are now taking large bites - the established agencies are not happy and we've had a couple Sneaky Pete incidents, patient stealing and so forth. I've managed to steal most of them back - and steal a couple more while I'm there. HAHA. There is nothing like a little subterfuge in the morning, is there? My associate is still down in Pittston for further training so I have Special Guest Stars that come and help run the office as it's gotten too big for me to do on my own - it's fun though because it's like working with friends. The shawl continues to grow, I hit row 100 last night - 624 stitches per row and I have about 50 more to go. Then I will do a pair of socks since I like to do a little pair of socks in between the major projects. It gives me time to think about it. I have to send off Adam's present - I think of it but I usually dilly dally around until it's late. I'm bad like that.

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