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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween.

I've had something brewing all week and finally gave up the ghost at 3 pm yesterday afternoon. I most likely have the flu turning into a cold OR it is the result of a Zombie Bite and I'll be shambling about in no time given the current holiday. I told David he needs to go buy Halloween candy as we have none and in my weakened state I could be easily overwhelmed by Angry Trick Or Treaters. Last night Interview With A Vampire was on so I watched that - I remember when I dragged David to see it years ago in the theater he seemed to feel the plot revolved around depressed hair stylists - but we all knew Brad Pitt was in it - what plot?? It could've been 3 hours of bathroom repair, we would've watched! As you can see from the pictures the shawl is complete (not that I haven't been crowing about it all week on Facebook) - I started a pair of socks but frogged it last night as it needs a much smaller DPN for them not to turn into Mutant Wear. Of course I was way not feeling well last night so I might have also been delirious - but what's done is done. You always want to keep going and hope it will fix itself at some point, but I've realized over the years if it's not coming out right at any point - you need to ditch it. It doesn't matter how much you put into it if no one will wear it. Years ago I made a burgundy and white striped poncho out of too thick yarn, I kept going despite the fact it looked suspicious halfway through. When I was done I realized anyone wearing this particular piece of knitwear would immediately be turned into a Horselike Creature - I secretly (and quickly) donated it to GoodWill where I'm sure it's still on the rack for a dollar. I don't think I'll be doing too much today, I was rather hilariously ill yesterday and alone in the office trying to keep track of everything. The fun thing about the medical profession is it's an expected thing that you'll come to work unless you're actively dying. If you're actively dying - you can go home early. Not that you don't get sympathy - you certainly do, everyone feels bad for you - unless you are HOME being sick - and since the medical profession is chronically short that generally doesn't work and everyone ends up being secretly a little mad at you for lollygagging in bed. This rule applies for everything but vomiting - we can cough, hack, burn up with fever, but vomiting is where we draw the line. Since I only had a fever and a little bit of difficulty breathing I went to work most of the day - answering the phone and so forth. I came home took something and then straight to bed where I remain. But I am feeling better - I wish I could get rid of this headache and it feels like it's moving into my chest but at least I'm not throwing up. Kind of like We'll Always Have Paris.

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