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Saturday, October 17, 2009

It All Rolls Downhill, Doesn't It?

What a week! We went from great, to Eh, to downright scary. The house has been under contract for two weeks - but we were sort of leery as the people were, well, bizarre. They were here multiple times - the RE told us they were here one day for over 3 hours and at one point, they were laying on the kitchen floor with a level. Then they wanted to know if the electric baseboard heat worked - we've never used them because we have an energy efficient furnace but they insisted they preferred electric (heat is heat as far as I know- it's not like it comes in Luxury Heat or Sears Bargain Heat) so they had to come and do that one day. So the inspector comes the other day and everything passed but the septic. The inspector ran the tub full force for about an hour and the downstairs toilet overflowed a bit. Please note that we don't use the bathroom in the basement ( The Prison Bathroom) - it was homemade job the former owner installed and it's been used about 6 times. Also please note very few people run their bathtub full force for an hour but that is neither here nor there. We told the RE we would clear the lines and leave a few thousand in escrow - fair. The next day David opened the front door and there was the guy that wanted to buy the house standing on our doorstep, announcing he needed to measure the garage. Now. David pointed out he'd been to our house many times and the RE was supposed to be with him, not to mention one shouldn't just stand around on other people's front porches. But he did let him measure the garage and the guy started ranting about how his car wouldn't fit - David pointed out that the garage is over 20 feet across - the guy said but he had a VERY big car and then the wife chimed in they would have to add on. Who knows, maybe they fly an Apache to work. They then went to the RE screaming and carrying on about how people that are selling houses should have all the bedrooms on one floor (no, I'm not kidding) and that was that. The funny thing is that morning a guy came up the drive after the Looney Toons left and wanted to know if we would be willing to let him rent with an option to own. And then someone came to look at the house the next day. The Cat Pee House is moving right along, we are leaving the washer/dryer here and I get new ones PLUS a GREAT refrigerator. When we were looking at the washers I saw a fridge on clearance - it was the last one and was marked down from $3600 to $1350 - it even has a wine rack! So we sprang on that too. Work has been a stomach clencher - we started off slow, then were going Great Guns and now we've stalled. So I am reorganizing and trying to figure out what we need to do to get going again. Normally I would just let it roll but with all that's going on everything is larger than life. David took my camera the other day and broke it, Vincent got out last night and refused to come back. it frigging SNOWED and I pretty much hate everyone at the moment. But then of course things start looking up - I fiddled with the camera and fixed it, Vincent came back after a few minutes because sleeping in a ditch is not as fun as it looks, David is at the Cat Pee House because they're installing the carpet and so far (everyone knock on wood!!) we're under budget, my car passed inspection and I got new tires (did I mention it's been a very expensive week?) and I actually started packing a little this morning. We can't pack too much because after moving umpteen times we are seem to following the Spartan Method Of Survival and our attic contents are laughable at best. So I'm sitting on the couch right now, I suppose I should move around - nah.

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