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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sew Sew Your Underwear.

One of the oddest things about me - or probably one of the many odd things about me is that I can knit, crochet, embroider, etc - but I cannot sew to save my life. My mother who is quite talented with a sewing machine did attempt to teach me several times - my efforts found her digging thread out from every corner of her Singer before she graciously removed it from my sight. My last sewing go-around was in 7th grade Home Ec (do they still have Home Ec or have they given it some new unisex generic non-insulting name like Domestic Engineering?)
where I spent an entire semester making a wrap skirt. The teacher spent the entire semester taking that wee little thingy and ripping seams out until the fabric frayed - she passed me with a C - not because I ever was able to produce anything wearable, but I think to get me out of her class. After all, there are many people that go through life without ever wearing a wrap skirt and they manage to do alright. Anyhoo, I've bought a couple of pairs of pants that fit really well - but are two or three inches too long. I figured I would just hem them - I actually do have a little repair kit that has rarely, if ever seen daylight but I keep it Just In Case. So for the past two weeks I managed to evenly pin up the bottoms and have sewn, ripped, re sewn, re ripped, screamed, thrown, flung, more thread, more shrieking - and the pants are still not hemmed. That would be when I remembered I cannot sew. BUT today in AC Moores while looking for more thread - I found this fusible stuff that instead of sewing you can GLUE your hems together - I bought two packages because if this works out I could maybe glue myself a fashionable wardrobe - I could be the Versace of Glue!! In other news I am a row and a half away from completing the shawl and slinging it off - when I' m done, I'm done. I keep it for a day or two to take pictures and admire my handiwork, then off it goes to where I don't have to look at it - and someone else does. I'm a little tired, current events have caught up with me and sleep has been hard to come by some nights. Like most things in life, they ramp up, get great, not so great, big explosion, pick up the pieces, go on - repeat as needed. The Cat Pee house is getting it's other floor of carpeting this week, the new water filter is in place, hot water heater works, the rest of the appliances are coming Monday and David thinks we will be in there by the end of October, the beginning of November. I think right now the house has hit that part of the program where it just feels wet and dirty - I swamped out two of the bathrooms - as tiny as they are both times the bucket of water literally turned black with dirt. It's all sawdust and Spackle, our stuff is jammed in a downstairs bedroom, no phone, no TV yet. We're still back and forth as to what we're doing here - renting or continuing to sell it, I think we'll work something out.

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