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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Today Was A Better Day

It's funny how everything will go ka-flooey and then the next day my ship will start to right. If nothing else, today was a good day. Normally we do our shopping in Dickson City but since that will come to an end soon (it will be too far) I suggested we go to Stroudsburg and join B.J.s since they don't have a Sam's Club and check out the local supermarket - I also wanted to get a look at the clubhouse near our new house. Since the lower level was carpeted this week David brought about a dozen of our plastic bins (we have used the John and Carleen Method of Moving the last couple of houses) - we'll be using the smaller bedroom downstairs for storage for now. I took more pictures - it was pretty exciting because now when you walk through the house not only is the cat pee smell completely gone, you can actually see what the house will look like. The appliances will be coming next week - the stove is in good shape but I'm glad we're replacing the fridge as it looks questionable at best. We're putting the paneling issue on the back burner for now since there's so much that needs to be done - and soon as we need to get out of here to get this rented - that we can put up with the Brady Bunch Ambiance for a little while longer. After I watered the plants we headed down to the clubhouse, there is skiing, tennis and an indoor and outdoor swimming pool - it will be so nice to be able to swim all winter. Since we left WV I haven't been swimming once so I'm really looking forward to that. We talked to the woman who runs the clubhouse for quite awhile and then headed to town. We did join BJs and did our shopping, then checked out the local supermarket - we will not be going to the Weis's on 611, way too expensive! We got home about 3 pm, Vincent waiting rather impatiently for dinner. He feels dinner should appear roughly about the same time he does and is a pest if it doesn't. I worked on the shawl a lot this weekend, knitting is my meditation I suppose - the good news is I only have about 16 more rows, the bad news is the rows have grown to almost a thousand stitches per round. I'm glad I bought the 3rd skein - I had thought it would be too much but I think it will be just the right amount as I had to tie it in about 3 rows ago!

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