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Sunday, October 4, 2009

When The Going Gets Tough, Well, I Knit.

I had a little trouble sleeping last night - nothing bad and not too late. It's the normal time squeeze thing - we have only a few weeks for David to finish the Cat Pee House and to trollop over to Where The Other Half Lives. This is the first time we've moved that I don't have a couple of weeks off to pack and dawdle around and with my long hours the amount of help I can be is very limited. That is neither here nor there because David will tell you when it comes to this stuff my main contribution is to drive him crazy worrying and asking a million questions until he threatens to sell me to the gypsies. I did some shopping yesterday and then stopped by the cat pee house, as you can see David is going great guns. I brought him some halloween decorations but he didn't seem to think that was very helpful. I don't like the actual holiday - the kids annoy me and I 'd rather horse down the candy myself, but I do like the decorations. I also raked half the backyard until I was overcome with gnats and David was overcome with the vast amount of complaining about the gnats - Pearl and I went home. I bought Wolverine so I have all the X Men movies, I spent the evening knitting and have only 30 more rows to go. I also had to buy a 60" circular needle to hold all the stitches so it will be awhile longer before it's done - the final rows are almost a thousand stitches a round so each row can take close to 45 minutes at that point. At the moment I'm sitting in bed with Pearl and Vincent watching Cash In The Attic. I spoke to Adam yesterday briefly, he's busy struggling with decisions these days, I don't ask - I figure when he decides what to do he'll let us know. I suppose I should get moving around a little - I think I'll start packing a container a day to hopefully keep it under control. David has been bringing things over every day he goes but until the carpet goes down there's not much of a point.

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