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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Better Homes And Gardens. I'm Addicted.

Lately, I've rediccovered the H & G channel - David will be stopped dead in his tracks as he tries to pass by the tv set and is unable. I have no idea why - I know with the new house on the horizon that would make sense. But there's something vaguely galling about two people yammering on and on about their "budget" of ONLY 30,000 - to do the bathroom. They worry and dither on about coming in under budget and occasionally have to settle for the lesser due to constraints. David can do the entire house for under 15,000. That is the real world I suppose. He has been going great guns daily with Pearl coming along, my work has increased accordingly so I'm leaving earlier and earlier and coming home later. I knew this was coming but I wish it hadn't at the same time. I've only gotten one box packed so far, this weekend I'll definately have to get a move on or I'll be left behind! I mailed off Adam's birthday present, there's a post office in the supermarket across the road from our office, it's slow but serves the purpose.

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