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Monday, February 1, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

What a busy weekend I had. I know this will be done in a couple of weeks, but it's awfully uncomfortable right now. I am at the point of giving this job a couple more months - I've never been management so I had no idea if I would like it or I could even do it. I'm back to doing visits, our staffing is so spotty I've ended up being the visit nurse every weekend, at least for a few visits and it's not that it's overwhelming - it's just reminding me of what I do very well and it's hard not to miss it. So we shall see - now is the not the time to make decisions while I'm under the gun and so forth. The weather continues to be very cold, David and I had a ventless gas heater installed at the bottom of the stairs and it works very well. We have to get rid of the electric heat this summer, the bills are astronomical - we run it low and turn it down during the day while we're out and the bills still top out at almost $700 a month, that's insane. We had put the ventless heater in because if the electricity goes out you have a heat source but when we run it, it heats the house pretty well so I think we'll try to use it more.

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