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Sunday, February 28, 2010


While out shopping yesterday we needed to go to PetCo - and in front of the store, there they were. We only needed a couple of things and as we left the store a 10 year old came marching up and said.............."would you like to buy some girlscout cookies lady?" - it was all I could do not to push the twerp out of my way. I LOVE girlscout cookies - load me up girlfriend! It's a good thing they only have the cookie drive once a year or I wouldn't fit through doorways. And the best part is they're affordable - I'm still steaming over the boy scouts - $40 for a tin of popcorn?? That's not a fundraiser, that's ridiculous. So I'll stick to the girl scouts. Yesterday was fun. David and I picked up two Windsor chairs and a small settee for $75 off of Craig's list. We didn't buy too much furniture for this house yet - but we do enjoy the hunt. The art deco bedroom set remains in the Lake Ariel house, we're not sure what we'll be doing with it. We have another guest room but it's too small for a full size bed. We gave the mattress set to the tenant - she has a friend down on her luck who needed a bed - we weren't using it so off it went. We've never had a problem giving things away, we've discovered it comes and goes - we've been generous with others, others have been generous with us. You give it away, it comes back. On the other hand you do NOT want to entrust the family heirlooms to us, furniture stays but the littler stuff tends to get lost in the shuffle. I no longer say I'll never move again because we seem unable to stop at times. But we've made a good profit so aside from the occasional hysterical outburst from the cat, it's not a bad gig. But we tend to leave a trail behind us and there is little that cannot be bought or replaced easier than transporting it. The snow had started to melt a bit yesterday, but remains fairly deep - Pearl of course enjoys romping. Spring will be a problem though with her, where we lived in WV we had no close neighbors and our yard was 6 acres. Here we have one and the house is close to the road. The issue is Pearl feels her territory extends and anyone walking down the road she goes flying down there, barking and carrying on. Pearl doesn't bite, but I for one would not like a strange large dog doing that - and she doesn't come back when I call her. Right now it's not a big deal with the cold but as the weather gets warmer it will be an issue. So we are trying to figure out what to do about that. Today I have to go shopping for a dress, the trip to Disney is coming up fast and I'd like to get started while I have the time.

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