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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Congratulations, You're Not A Homeowner!

FINALLY - the closing had been delayed a week due to bank things. We of course should know the drill by now, a closing date is very unlikely to happen on the day they tell you - there is always some eleventh hour crisis or a paper they forgot to file to be had. I was glad I decided to attend this one, I usually make Harry be me or the lawyer has occasionally been me but we hadn't bothered to sign away my rights this time. I took off the afternoon and that really worked out as David is obviously unable to drive. The closing went well and fast, the couple that bought the house are young with a baby, I'm glad someone like that got the house. The picture I posted is one I like of it, that was taken a couple of days after we moved in - you can see the original Circus Green style with the Spotty Rug going on.  I currently have a cold since we are obviously not having enough fun this week so to celebrate this weight lifted from our collective shoulders David got a Fillet O Fish meal from McDonald's, I took cold medicine and we both passed out. But it is a huge weight lifted, we wouldn't have gone bankrupt but we were facing a pretty hard winter if we'd been unable to sell it. We were looking at taxes on two houses, a house that had no income for the past 4 months and a mortgage payment that had been previously covered by the rent - it was getting to the point of unthinkable. We took a bath on this sale, make no doubt about it, but given the scary economy we'll be OK now and if we ever sell the Cat Pee house we'll make the money back - we're OK with that. Now we go after the Freeloader - I think she thinks things are alright because we sold the house but it's not. If we hadn't sold it due to this irresponsible person's actions we could have lost both our houses and the sad thing is - she doesn't care. She's moved on to another landlord to cheat and that isn't fair. We may or may not ever see our money but we are going to give her something to think about. But we're not focusing on that now, are we? I took Pearl for another walk this morning and she's doing much better, we saw two neighbors with a good reaction to them - tail wagging and dancing - so I am now getting hopeful there will be some hiking in our future. That would be good, wouldn't it? I've started back to exercising and eating better and I feel better, more like myself again. David has a follow up appointment with Dr. Paul on Friday, his knee looks much better this morning too and is not quite as painful. It's nice to have things go well for a couple of minutes, I'm sure there's another crisis lurking around but for now I'm OK.

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