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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nine More Days And Counting

That's how many days it is until the first day of fall, Sept 20th. The picture is one that I took last year about this time of the giant maple in front of our house. Can you believe we're coming up on a year here? We moved in 8 days before Thanksgiving last year after David steamrolled his way through one of the biggest projects he's tackled to date. He has said he will NEVER do that again. But we all know one should never say never...... the weather turned cool quickly, by next week I'll most likely be hauling out my winter clothes and start my sorting - what fits, what doesn't, what was I thinking when I bought this...... my coats need to go to the cleaners, one needs to go to goodwill if they'll take it. We'll see, we'll see. I'm a third of the way through the second sleeve and I occasionally sneaky knit on the sock as the sleeve is getting very boring. David had his follow up appointment with Dr. Paul. he's very much on the mend and has two more doctor's appointments. One for a podiatrist and the other for the infectious disease doctor as this is his third infection and Dr. Paul thinks that needs a closer look. But David will be back to work which I know he's looking forward to, he doesn't knit so days off are not a fun thing for him. We're waiting for the check to clear from our house sale so we can pay off the mortgage and so forth - we can breath again! That is such a relief, I cannot begin to tell you. We'll be saving money through the winter so we can finish up the house in the spring - we have to do something about the small pool in front as it's nothing but an eyesore at this point.  Vincent the cat likes it because there's snakes and stuff hiding behind the falling down liner - he pounces and bounces around which he thinks is great fun. Other than that, it's all pretty useless. I have to head out to Pittston this morning to do my CPR, not looking for activities but I'll get it done and over with. My cold is much better but I still sound like the Crypt keeper, hopefully I'll get over that soon - nine more days and counting!

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