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Friday, September 17, 2010

Three More Days And Counting

We turned the heat on for the first time last night - not all night, but just enough to take the chill off. The leaves are starting to turn rapidly, the road to our house will soon be a riot of color. Fall is in the air and as we all know, I've been waiting with anticipation. I know it's silly to think that on this coming Monday my life will be magically transformed, but I think in my head - it will simply be closing that chapter and moving on. We still have things to resolve - next week we can start filing charges against the Freeloader. I'm sure we'll never see a dime of it but we can try. But David's knee is recovered, we're saved from financial ruin and I finished the sweater. The sleeves  are on and it just needs the edging around the front, but it's done. I'll post pictures this weekend. Our hummingbird feeder is still being used but less I think now. I wish we had gotten it earlier in the year, but we have it now to use next year. I did get a pair of hiking shoes and am looking very forward to using them. I've been wearing them on our morning walks to break them in a little, but they fit so well there's not much breaking in to do. We're going to a party this weekend on Sunday and I'll be making an apple pie for that - probably two as I'm sure David would like to have his own Personal Pie. Job is good still and very much enjoying it, that I've very glad for. It's a nice mix of being out to see my patients and in the office to do the paperwork, the days blow by and it's no longer Is Five O'clock Yet? for the whole day - and better yet - I LEAVE at 5 O'Clock!!

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Donna said...

Early Fujis are selling at the orchards now, and I'm dying to get a bushel of them. I have far less hummingbirds now, but there are still enough of them to put on a good show when they fight.