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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Getting There.

I'm finally in the home stretch with this sweater - the one sleeve is 3/4 of the way done. I've had the time, but not the inclination today. The temps dropped last night about 20 degrees and it's breezy - it feels SO good. It really feels like fall, all windy and sunshiny and best of all not dying hot!So I've been out pulling the last of the fall weeds and Pearl has been on Bear Patrol.  I had to go to the dentist today which as I get older gets easier. If you took everything out of my mouth that wasn't mine - crowns bonding, partial - I think I would have about 5 teeth. Pretend Teeth are better in their own way as they never need drilling or stuff.  So I had one cavity and that was about it. I also need to bring my little partial in as that needs a bit of tweaking too - but since  that is also Pretend Teeth I just hand em over and they hand em back. Everything in life should be so simple. David did something to his knee, he's not sure what but the knee cap is all swollen and hurts, just in time for a 3 day weekend.  He doesn't have work until Wednesday this coming week so can keep it up and still. I think he'll have to cancel his shifts for this week and get an appointment with Dr. Paul. David's mighty annoyed as you might guess, he goes his entire life with almost no problems and then this year it's like party all the time. After the dentist I headed out to do the grocery shopping -fast. The tourists are up here in droves and they have all sorts of things going on, town was a zoo. So I did my shopping and came right back home. I didn't do too well on the grocery shopping this week, I ended up spending $145 but my alternative would have been not to feed the dog and cats or wash my hair. Or read the latest mystery from one of my favorite authors. And I had to buy the macaroni salad as David ONLY likes the one from Giant. I bought one from BJ's last time  and as soon as I unpacked it I knew I would be sorry due to the fact that I live with Mr. Picky Pants. He noticed right off the bat it was not the one he liked. Then we had to have a few discussions on why he didn't like it. Then he kept insisting it might be bad and sneaky throw it out. I finally gave it up and did throw it out. There are just some battles you will never win.

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