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Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's Clabber Time!

For the past week I've been playing around with the word "clabber" - Donna used it when describing making cottage cheese (although I'm still a bit stymied as to how someone could hang cheese out to dry). The word "clabber" has irish roots and it means "to thicken". So you could use it in this sentence - "If I don't stop eating candy my butt will be all clabbered." However, there are a few more uses. For instance if you live in Indiana you can play a card game that goes by that name -   - it seems weirdly complicated and if you have four Jacks you have a "mule" - I have no idea either.  Then there is the Clabber Girl, she originates from Terra Haute  and there's even a museum for your viewing pleasure. She is the logo for a baking soda company.   - it looks like you can also play a little farmville like game.
There's a race horse -  and a restaurant that sells clabber fed chickens -  and after you get your super delicious clabber fed chickens you can go home to house on the Clabber Creek    - not too shabby!  There are some people that are having kefir problems which are clabber related and are reaching out to perfect strangers in their time of need since they also have keferizing issues -  and then my personal favorite, urban translation - crack whore!  Maybe you didn't know this either but if you're mixing up your favorite crack recipe Clabber Girl baking soda is the preferred brand of junkies.  So there you go, all the clabber you could want and then some.

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Donna said...

Well, that was fun!