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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I don't Hate Catholics, I Just Don't Understand Them

Every time I start  on the pope, I can tell the true Catholics. They roll their eyes, not this again, then I get the You Must Hate Catholics Speech. I don't hate Catholics, I simply don't understand them. If there was a police precinct that it was found they were taking kids in the back and molesting them, can you imagine the hue and cry? They would be arrested, stripped of their uniforms and would go to prison - and you know that's true, don't you? Yet as you can see, the Vatican and their cohorts have not only been raping children for years- their followers seem to be in agreement with them and THAT is the part I don't understand. I can put on a police uniform, that doesn't make me an officer. And in my head, it's the same thing with priests. The pope and the Vatican have blamed celibacy, homosexuality, gossip, they've compared themselves the Holocaust victims - everyone but they are responsible. They cry and announce it's their duty to pray and heal the victims - and then prey on more victims. The diocese in Scranton announced they were going to help the victims their own clergy had raped but in the same speech kept reminding parishioners that the church's bankruptcy was directly due to the money awarded to the rape victims - as if they had somehow stolen it. The pope was "saddened" by the Bishop in Belgium's recent confession he's been raping his own nephew for 8 years but was completely outraged by the police raiding the Vatican since they searched the tombs. He had no sympathy for that young man but plenty for dead people. He goes to London to prey with the sex abuse victims, yet there's a letter written by him stating not to defrock two priests that had been found guilty of molesting boys "for the good of the universal church". Three BILLION dollars have been paid out to the victims so far, there are secret documents that the church was aware of the pedophiles, it goes on and on in mind boggling numbers. Every offering, every donation to the church goes to fund the lawsuits - it's like me getting in a car accident and expecting the guy I hit and his family to pay for it. Can ANYONE explain this to me i a way it make some sort of sense? Because I just can't figure it out and it drives me crazy - how can anyone support and defend these terrible people? And no, it's a small percentage I agree but their fellow priests, bishops and even the pope have lied and covered for them - why? And why does the rest of the world turn a blind eye to it? The pope was right to compare this to the Holocaust because for a long time people turned a blind eye to what the Nazis were doing - it wasn't their business and it didn't affect them, so why get involved. And by the time the world turned it's gaze back, six million people were dead. So, anyone able to explain why history should repeat itself?

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