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Monday, September 6, 2010

Gimping The Night Away

I took this the last time I was out at the Lake Ariel house, I wish I could have taken these two plants with me. Anyhow, David's leg got worse on Sunday - I asked if he wanted to go to the ER because it is a holiday weekend and if he was going, I wanted it to be EARLY.  When I say the traffic around here on a holiday is horrendous - I'm not kidding. David said no and then around 11 decided he DID want to go - I was rather peevish to say the least. The ER wasn't too bad  but the ride home was awful. Not only was traffic a total snarl but the light at a major intersection was stuck. We ended up bolting across the intersection after about 10 minutes and then realizing it was not changing - there was a charming fairy-like creature in a Mercedes that took pity on me and the other motorists by not only blocking the lane but giving us the finger in a most delicate way - ask me AGAIN why I don't like New Yorkers....... I took David to Dairy Queen as he hadn't eaten all day and it was Sunday so it was the day we get our ice cream fix.  He  has cellulitis on his knee so he's on crutches and antibiotics. Pearl the Fearsome Bear Hound freaked at the sight of crutches and not only wouldn't let David in the house, she got so scared she peed on the porch. She is such a help. Other than that the weekend was pretty nice. The weather continued to stay a little cool, I found a package of stew meat in the freezer so David had a nice beef stew for dinner and I made myself Shepardess pie - Pearl even got a little stew in her dinner. I finished the first sleeve of the sweater and got started on the other, I think I'll even have just enough yarn to finish it.  I've slowed down quite a bit on yarn buying and am starting to use up what I have. Which will only take about 105 years. The other thing is they are having an all day Marathon on Hoarders Buried Alive - sweet! We also watched  Mortuary the other day where you get turned into a zombie like creature if zombie #1 barfs black goo in your mouth. They all had rather amazing aim I must say, I would be hard pressed to be able to turn anyone into a zombie as I can't hit the broad side of a barn under normal circumstances. Maybe I could turn Pearl into a zombie dog but that would be the limit of it.  Unless of course it was that woman in the Mercedes - then my accuracy would improve. A LOT.

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