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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another Unsuccessful Run At The Dentist

The dentist I have started off well - he's still good, when you can get ahold of him and if you can steer clear of his rag tag staff.  I canceled two appointments, one because I didn't have 3 hours to sit and vegetate, the next because I had to be somewhere again and didn't want to have to reschedule. Today I was in half an hour after I arrived - not bad. Don't get hopeful, it went downhill from there. The assistant - and that is a VERY loose term came in and cheerfully asked why I was in - I told her for the cavity. That was on the X-ray.  She looked perplexed and then brightened up and asked what tooth was bothering me. I told her none of my teeth were bothering me but  the dentist had told me I had a cavity. That was on the X-rays. That had been taken at this very office. She looked perplexed again, then a little less chirpy but soldiered on. She announced we were going to take an X-ray and wanted to know what side the cavity I thought I had was on. I asked why we were taking another x-ray and she valiantly attempted to make up some story about how we needed to take another X-ray to see what the cavity was doing (??).  Since I had only had the X-rays taken about 6 weeks ago I didn't think it had been up to anything new but if she wished to take an X-ray we might as well. As she put the lead apron on she once again asked which tooth was bothering me that I had called the office about.  Now I was getting mad as not only was time being wasted but her new game plan was to repeatedly return to her original tack until we both believed her. I told her firmly that I had NOT called the office, my tooth was NOT bothering me and an X-ray was a waste of time since we already knew I had a cavity that the dentist had told me I had after he read the ORIGINAL X-rays. She darted out of the room and was hysterically chirping at the real hygienist about that lady that thought she had a cavity. Apparently I was being unreasonable.  It turned out the crackerjack team upfront had actually booked me incorrectly for an exam (which sugar pants would have figured out had she asked) and then dentist came in, put up my X-rays that sugarpants hadn't even looked for and then told me I should actually have a crown not a filling as that was way too big and he didn't know who told me it was just a cavity (that would be his partner but we'll leave that out). The other cavity was also missed on the previous exam so I did have repeat X-rays -by the real hygienist not sugarpants who was staying out of the line of fire - and when we get the authorization I will have two new crowns. After that I'm looking for a new dentist - this guy is great, but having to get past the Island Of Misfit Toys is getting  rather tiresome.

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