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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Blah Blah Blah

That kind of sets the tone for today. Not that today was blah - but I'm just going to blather. I don't know about your neck of the woods but the temperatures have dropped drastically. Vincent the cat however neglected to watch the weather channel and went out anyhow. When I came out for the second cup of coffee he was rather hilariously standing on his back legs with his little paws stretched up as high as they could go against the glass doors - I guess he was afraid I wouldn't see him.  He shot in like his butt was on fire, slammed down his breakfast and headed on in for his blanket on the settee in the bedroom - right over the heat register, life good again. David and I went out to Bethlehem today, I needed to make a trip to the Asian market, I'm completely out of tofu and  boy choy. I bought a big bag of Korean rice too, I usually don't buy rice in small markets because in the past, well, after a few days the rice has a tendency to, ahem, well - come alive. I had a Traumatic Event once involving this and challenging my vegetarian status - no details but it took a long time for me to eat rice again.  After that we went to Barnes and Nobles where I had to repeatedly remind myself it is not Christmas yet, then off to Borders where I bought the 3rd twilight movie Eclipse and books for Jackson that he already read so I will give them to Adam since they read the same things. We did Wegmans and stocked up on stuff then we haunted the car lots. David sold his truck, because we're tired of selling and buying our guns I suppose - apparently we're not happy unless we're getting a truck or gun or both on occasion.  He bought an older truck in good condition and now will buy a small gas efficient car to drive back and forth to work. That's the plan but we're actually just having fun looking and talking to a variety of People We Don't Know.  I was forced to ride shotgun - I HATE buying cars, it's one of my least favorite things to do. Transferring funds, DMV, inspections, all of that makes me crazy, mad and complaining  - when we bought my car I wasn't even allowed to see it before I got it unless I wanted to do it myself. I've heard from both the boys, Adam is close enough in to get on Facebook again so I see he's been on, making friends and comments. He's picked up a few "friends" I wish he hadn't but he's old enough to make his own bad decisions - as long as they stay off my page I suppose it has nothing to do with me.  I'm sitting with my foot up, I did go for a walk as I had planned, then I walked all day so it might have been a wee bit too much. But the idea of physical therapy is for me to get back to hiking so I guess if I want to make an omelet, I'll have to break a few eggs.

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