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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Busy Bee

We had our quarterly audit - I was a little nervous because the first one I had just started in the office so it was sort of a freebie. The charts I had weren't really "mine" yet and the one that was, my mentor had been with me for the entire admission and open, plus the paperwork so it would have been super bad if it had not looked good. The audits for Bayada are more of a learning experience, they continuously audit so when the state comes in you're up to speed and not scrambling.  There were a few tiny things, but overall we did pretty well -  a few little fixable things, but that was it. So now it's back to real life - and with the holidays and vacations looming every day is a scramble and a rearrangement. . The client I've been waiting for auth for ever - we suddenly get authorized for, the visit I was doing next week is now this week due to unforeseen complications. I need tires, David wants to drop his baby at the body shop (that would be the car - not me!) (although I could use a new body!), we're both working tomorrow, there's the party, a trip coming up, Christmas, boys coming home, gifts going out, some  need to be bought, eek eek eek! Our office is moving along, it's a fun crew and even with the holiday stress everyone is still laughing. After work I'm busy on all my projects, all of which need finish. I have half a sock, the next 2/3 of the Shipwreck Shawl and I started a baby sweater for Emma so Maia can wear her dresses and not be cold. I'm making a wrap sweater so it will fit her for awhile with a lace and cable pattern on the bottom. I'll post when I get enough to do so.

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Sinéad said...

Oh my! You're a busy lady! Glad the audit went well. :)