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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What A Good Trip!

 We got up early yesterday to see Adam - he stayed over his friend Brit's house as apparently if you're stuck on a ship for 6 months you tend to avoid it like the plague when you hit land. So I picked him up around 8:30 - he smelled a bit like a brewery but   since his Aunts were responsible for supplying the beer what could ya do? He took his shower at our hotel room  and by that time the Aunts were up. They had been up late drinking with the captain, but we were on a Navy base so that is acceptable behavior. We went over to the Nex for breakfast, Adam was enjoying it as it's been overhauled since he left port. We had a great breakfast together and then set out to explore the NEX. I bought a few things and so did everyone else, I got some nice local wine to bring home. We stopped at John and Carleen's to hang out and say goodbye, then down to the ship for one final picture (Adam is ok as long as he doesn't have to board it) and after that it was getting late in the afternoon so we took Adam back to his friend's house and said goodbye. He returns to work today so we decided to head back to PA and that way we could get some stuff done around here. It  looked good on paper. Keep in mind we had gone to a big party, gotten up and driven almost 450 miles the next morning, then a full day, then another day, then back in the car for the 450 mile drive back. We were a little churlish to say the least. The pot blew the lid when David was mucking around with the radio and I yelled at him  - I was the one driving and I was tired with a headache. Then David gave me a lecture on how he had driven ALL the way down without complaining. I snapped back with a witty comment which David returned my volley and spiked the ball. My favorite part was when David claimed I had ruined the ENTIRE trip by yelling at him for touching the radio - I have no idea what we were thinking when we made this grand plan. We made it home late (we timed it beautifully so we could hit rush hour outside of Philly). I had debated not taking off today but I'm glad I did - we had a ton of stuff to do and I am tired. Pearl made out well in prison, the people that run the kennel show Vizla so that gives her a little bit of an "in" - the cats were OK of course but Vincent of course is stilled freaked out a bit. He is currently parked on my lap while I try to type over his little round head, he's purring like an engine, such a baby!


Donna said...

I just had to laugh at your little "spat" with your husband. It sounded so much like me and Cliff!

Sinéad said...

Y'know, you'll look back at this and be glad you went. The rows in the car are nothing unusual, hubby & I row ALL the time when we're driving! We had a 7 hr drive from Orlando to Atlanta on vacation in November. Almost ended in divorce. I call it back seat driver syndrome! Merry Christmas to you & yours, I hope you have a lovely time.