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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas......

......but we are still lagging a bit behind. The decorations are still packed away downstairs, the ghosts are still Halloween ghosts. Part of it is with the kids gone, there's really no one to decorate for, no one to help with the tree or look for the Santa we put up every year. I know it would make me feel a bit more seasonal, I'll get there. We also have tons of plans - the Bayada Division party is this weekend so I've been trying to find a dress in between this and that - the dresses this year stink. I was trying so hard NOT to buy a black dress but anything with a bit of color to it is quite frankly weird this year. I tried on a bright red number -  the ruffle around the collar hit right below my ears - back on the rack it went. There was a black dress and I know what I said, but it had tons of taffeta and looked great on the hanger. I looked like a fine horse showing off my blanket. AND the skirt rustled loudly with every move I made - if you were going to commit a murder it would not be the outfit of choice.  There  was one that made me look like I had an exotic skin disease, a dress that was composed entirely of a space blanket, back back back. I did end up with a black sleeveless dress and will just have to wear some very snappy shoes. David was going to head out to LI but the truck he bought started doing something off so back to the shop - not a major repair, but a needed one. Since he has to work and by the time he got moving today he just ended up canceling it for now, he can go in the middle of January after all the excitement is over. The boys are hopefully both going to be here after the holidays, I need tires, etc. etc. And there is work - but it remains a great job so no complaints on my end. I'm doing Christmas cards tonight, Glee is on so I 'll be watching that while I write them all out

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Sinéad said...

An exotic disease, a space blanket, oh my! Thanks for giving me a good laugh with your great descriptions! I do sympathise with trying to get the right dress, it's really hard!