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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Beat Goes On

Christmas was quiet - I didn't mind though. I actually enjoyed the quiet and the ability to just sit and relax. We have so much coming up! Tommy arrived from West Virginia, his two dogs Gypsy and Sage along for the ride to visit with David and Pearl. Pearl was not sure of her guests at first - dog guests are a little ruder than people guests. They take your toys and eat your food, sometimes they even sit on your blanket - Pearl was a bit overwhelmed but is enjoying having them to horse around with. In the morning she dithers by the stairs to see if they're up. They went hunting yesterday despite the high winds and low temps and got one pheasant. Today promises to be a little less windy and a little warmer so hopefully Tommy will get a couple shots in too. We went out to dinner last night and it's great seeing Tom and catching up on all the news. The  weather has taken a winter turn of course - we didn't get the snow everyone else got but the wind was howling all day yesterday and the temp never got above 20. I had to drive to one of my clients that is over 50 miles - it was slow going due to the nervous nellies that seem to have to go out and then proceed to drive about 13 miles an hour. The road were fairly clear but that didn't stop them from being jerks. On the way back I stopped at the Gentle Arts in Honesdale and finally bought that Jordana Paige knitting bag - it was expensive but it's most likely the last bag I will buy and I did have Christmas money. I called David from the road to let them know I'd be home soon. Of course a snow plow appeared and we crawled our way towards home. He pulled over after about 5 miles to let us by and it was smooth sailing until the Nervous Nelly appeared. She drove 27 miles an hour except for curves, bends, downhills, uphills and anything else we considered a danger. She rode her brakes for 30 miles and straddled the center line so I couldn't get by. When we got close to home she made a right at the stop sign and I was tempted to follow her home and scream at her in her yard. But then I remembered I'm not from that side of the family and let it go. I just wish those people would stay home when it snows.  Tommy is leaving on Wednesday then Friday Jackson will be here - I have to call him today as he turns 21 today! Can you believe it? I cant! Adam will follow along on Tuesday and then off we go again. Who would have thought January would be this busy?

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