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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Back Home

The ride back through NYC was the usual - I'm convinced they've hired someone to beep at me at least once during my sojourn through the big city and it's super annoying. Here I am  just trying to see if I should be in this lane or that, maybe a tiny bit of sightseeing from the highway and then BEEP, so rude. Apparently New Yorkers are not big fans of my Superior Driving Skills. By the time I got to my sister's I was pretty beat so my shopping was limited to Barnes and Nobles - I did try to find one of the knitting stores on my list but it was a false lead, so off to Janet and Di's to go play with Cooper who is super cute. He's also a bit of a pest, but aren't they all? Janet made us a great vegetarian dish and Di followed with a great WW dessert - they just got back from multiple vacations so we were all pretty wiped out. TV was an issue, Diane likes Victorian stuff but Janet warned her it would not go over big with me unless they were Flesh Eating Victorians so we settled on True Blood, it wasn't a big deal because we all pooped around 9.  I left the next morning a little after 8 and headed off to the first yarn store - it didn't open til 10 so that was a bust. The next one I hit was pay dirt - one of the staff came out and curiously asked me why I was taking a picture of her sign with my phone. I told her that my husband had told me not to buy anymore yarn so I was sending him a picture with HA HA written underneath it - that got a laugh from the other shoppers on the porch since we all know what I'm talking about.  I did buy a bit of yarn, not much since we are getting past that and then I just meandered my way home.  And I'm glad to be here - I missed David and my own dog, Vincent and even Claw a little bit. I have my second weigh in at Weight Watchers today and I'm curious as to how I did after a week of vacation. After this I'm going to start exercising, my ellipse and exercise bike are still in the garage so maybe David will bring them down to the basement for me. We have to start getting some more stuff done, although I still have a couple weeks of time off it's slipping away so fast! You always think you have all this time and really, you don't.

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