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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Current Events

 Adam is a car owner as of yesterday. My cousin John and he went car shopping with loan in hand - the Navy exchange was having a car sale event with insurance and everything on site - why can't they do that for rest of us? What a great idea! Adam got an 04 Mustang convertible with only 55,000 miles all within budget - so he's now fully on the road.  Jackson sent us a picture of himself in body armor - looks like a toughie, doesn't he? It won't be too long now until he goes overseas - he's enjoying the training and the army toys, glad he's happy and very proud that he's chosen to serve his country. My mother's cat Jingles passed away this morning after his many valiant battles with the squirrel population, I know we'll all miss him. He was my Grandmother Carter's cat and after she passed away my mother and Fred took him.  Things will not be the same without him.  We've been busy for the past couple of weeks - the fridge that came with the house up and croaked - after 5 pm of course - so it was Commando Appliance Shopping for David while I frantically potted everything down to the Hide-A-Body sized freezer the former owner left behind. I put all the fridge stuff in coolers so it only froze a tiny bit - David managed to find a fridge on clearance so it ended up being OK in the end. We attended a birthday party Friday for friends and then the friends were over here yesterday for our first BBQ - Pearl was hostessing her butt off of course. We did dessert in the house, the weather continues to be oppressively hot and humid and even sitting under an umbrella didn't help. We're going to the neighbor's tonight for another BBQ - I'm trying to be careful as my weigh in is Wednesday and I would hate to start gaining already - I've lost about 8 pounds so far. I did keep within my parameters on the point system so I'm proud of that. In knitting news I started the second sleeve and have a couple of inches done, but it's at the point of Slow Going and I Wish It Was Done.  I'm busy looking for my next project, will probably be a shawl or socks, we'll see. Today I'm just hanging out as I cleaned the house yesterday - I'm on my last week of vacation, can you believe that? I can't!

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