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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Atlantic Broadband

I had wanted to put a picture on this entry - I am beginning to realize why only two of our neighbors have cable for their services. It took about 15 minutes for the pictures to load and I must've accidentally posted this - you'll just have to live with it. We don't have wireless (cable won't set that up so we will have to find computers guys) so I'm on our old computer. The TV is not much better, the remote they gave us either doesn't work or it does things like run through all the channels repeatedly. I called customer service - and they didn't know. So rather then send a tech out they are MAILING me a new remote that most likely won't work. The sad thing about their customer service is they really don't know anything, it's not like they're outsourced or anything. Oh well - listen to me! We are just decompressing right now, the sale of the house in East Stroudsburg did go through on time thanks to all of David's hard work so we're done with that. But since we ended up closing a full month before we had thought we would - we had planned on a 60 standard closing but because of the buyer's mortgage we did it in 30 - it was a mad scramble to get everything packed and done. I ended up working literally up to the last day, I finished work Wednesday afternoon and was on the road on Thursday so there was no breathing room at all. But in this economy I'm not complaining, the fact that it sold when it did is a great thing and we don't have to deal with renters. But now that we are here there is major sorting out. We did some big shopping yesterday - and have more to do. David's AC decided to conk out - the place down the road ordered the part but told him not to drive the truck as it there is something on the compressor that could damage the belts if it let go. We're without couches - they didn't fit through the doorways so we gave them to someone who really needed them so we'll be looking for that today. We have tons to do, but we have a whole month to do it in, that may or may not be enough time. I got the kitchen fairly put together, the living room was easy as we have a wicker couch and a coffee table - the bedrooms are in limbo as we are not moving up to the master until David does a full renovation on it so we're in the guest room, our clothes are upstairs and in the basement and stuff is piled all over as there is no where to put it. But we got the lawn done yesterday, we have a phone, lights, hot water and TV, Pearl is already harassing the local wildlife so life is good for Day Three.

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