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Monday, July 11, 2011

So Long To The Duck!

 Of course I didn't get to do and see everything I intended while I was here but that's the way vacations are, aren't they? I did manage to pack a lot into the past four days  though - I saw (almost) everyone I wanted to see, I went (almost) everywhere  I wanted to go  and I did worship the Big Duck while I was here.  My visit with Liz was nice and Kirstan remains the same great kid she's always been - I wish things were going better for Liz but it will all straighten out. We went to the party for the boys on Saturday, Amy had rented one of those giant inflatable bouncy things - it was a huge hit with the 5 and under crowd. Alex only came out long enough to get cake and darted back in, Matthew right behind him. The next day I headed off to Liz's and on the way back stopped at Tanger Shopping mall, wow was it crowded. I quick went into Eddie Bauer and that was it! I spent a quiet evening with Mom and Fred. This morning I'll stop by the ocean to take some pictures before I leave, I didn't go swimming after all. It just seemed to be too much trouble and too many people. This time of year is vacation time for a lot of folks so every where you go takes forever and a day to get there. I'm going to Janet and Diane's for a day to go shopping and hang out with them, then back to the salt mines. David has  been doing all sorts of things while I was gone but more needs to be done. He's been having a good time too, he went shooting clays at Hunting Hills - a hunting club conveniently located right down the road from our house with an old friend and then spent the afternoon playing with Tommy's new ATV back in the woods, then he, Cecil and Tommy have some activity planned for Wednesday. So he is not lacking for entertainment while I'm gone. Oh well, I guess I'd better get moving, my bag will not pack itself!

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