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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day Six

I know it's a stupid cartoon, it's what we're stuck with until the Geek Squad gets here - again - as I can't remember how to access my photos file off the old computer. Not any one's fault, the night he came to set up the wireless router was the same night we had horrible thunderstorms that of course knocked out the Internet half an hour before he arrived - and restored 10 minutes after he left. We have a super busy day today, the computer guy comes back tonight, the furniture comes at some point today - David has the front door frame ready to be pulled out due to the size issue so cross your fingers! - we dropped David's truck off this morning as the guy got the parts to fix the AC and compressor and I'm going to my first Weight  Watchers meeting in Carmichael's this morning. I need to lose 25 pounds and a little more AGAIN. I can lose it but my problem is I can't seem to keep it off. Liz has been having great success with the meetings so now that we're moved I am starting this before I start work. My big problem is I lose the weight and think I deserve to eat anything and everything that I want. I tried on bathing suits last week and was confronted by a store mirror designed to make me look as awful as humanly possible. It was hard admitting I need to lose the weight but I've done it so off I go in 20 minutes to be discreetly weighed - it would only be discreet if they didn't share the information with me, but that is my opinion.  After all of this I'm heading off to LI tomorrow and will most likely stay over night in the Lancaster area. My Grand Scheme originally had been we would sell the house in the 60 day period and I would go to LI from East Stroudsburg. However due to the mad scramble and subsequent landing in a pile of stuff that whole plan got jettisoned. The big issue aside from leaving David holding the bag would be I would have ended up in the Hamptons on a holiday weekend - no thank you! We have a BBQ planned in a couple of weeks with some friends of ours and we have been exploring the area, even though we lived here before we are now rummaging around in the other direction, up instead of down. I guess I'd better get moving - the scale awaits!

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