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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day Four.

David and I have a running list that changes daily and is never finished - every time we get back one of us goes"oh no! we forgot the........" - fill in the blank here. Yesterday was Furniture shopping day - the first place we stopped was EV Rooms, we found a set we liked, got the dimensions and tried to put in an order. First we were told unless we took the floor models  it's a special order (?? we were ordering the exact model off the floor) that would take 4 - 6 weeks. OK, we can live with the floor models. Delivery is $60 and  wouldn't be until near the end of July even though we only live 16 miles from the store. OK, David will come get them himself if we can't wait. Oh, more bad news - we do have to special order the coffee tables and then two more weeks to deliver and a separate delivery charge because we will have to deliver twice - it is now two months to get the coffee tables plus and extra $60 since they can't be delivered with the couches. I felt very bad for the salesgirl as we all knew she was losing her commission on this one and she was very nice-it obviously wasn't her fault. We took the card just in case, left and headed over to Chucks furniture where we found a set we liked more for the same price and it will all be here Wednesday. Problem solved. We have the Geek Squad from Best Buy coming today to hook up a router so we can go wireless, we now have a washer and dryer and I have to call Atlantic Broadband again today, there's always one in the bunch isn't there? Pearl is beside herself with glee these days, she spends all day rummaging in the dense undergrowth around the property and we get to hear the squeaks and squeals of Very Annoyed Wildlife as she gets great delight out of disrupting their day. When we were in the back of the property the next door dog Gabe came to visit, Pearl loves him. They romped and ran, then I ran as she ran off with him. I met the neighbor Jim and will be meeting his wife later - they're both nurses and she works down the road from where I'll be working. Pearl and I also took a short tour of the neighborhood but it's so hot and humid this morning we turned back after about 15 minutes. We're firing up the BBQ tomorrow I think but today I am planning on doing a little laying around!

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