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Friday, July 29, 2011

Wheeling WV!

 It's been a fairly quiet week - David went back to LI on Monday to visit family and will be returning tomorrow. I had asked him to go while I was still off so when I return to work next week it will be a little less stressful without worrying about the dog and the house, etc. David will be starting soon too, but I'd like to get my feet wet while he holds down the fort for another week or so. I haven't been doing much - I go out in one direction or another each day, exploring my area, seeing what's what. I went up to the outlets one day - there's a Harry and David's so I stocked up on Charred Pineapple relish and so forth. Yesterday I headed out to Wheeling - I checked out a yarn shop of course - word to the wise, if they don't answer the phone and they don't list hours it is NOT a good sign. But I went in there not expecting much and was not disappointed - my main goal was just seeing Wheeling which is fairly nice although I just stayed on the outskirts. I was only a few miles from Ohio but will save that for when David can ride shotgun AND my camera is here - he took it to LI with him so I'm stuck with my crappy cell phone for snapping pictures. Anyhow The Yarn Cellar should have been named the Yarn Slum, even if it had been open I would have thought twice about actually going in and might have skipped it. Yes I would. Would too. Shut up. I did find a HUGE Cabela's surrounded by an even bigger shopping complex - SCORE!! - so the day was so not wasted. There was a Michael's where I scored knitting needles super cheap, wandered around the bookstore and then went to Cabela's so I could take pictures and Ha Ha send them to David. He called an accused me of Cruel and Unusual Punishment, especially when he got the shot of the rows and rows of shotguns. They had koi ponds and a museum of taxidermy so I had a great time wandering around and will bring David when he gets back. Our neighbor gave me more vegetables, she has a huge garden and is at the point of overload - I had to borrow a wheelbarrow to get it home - but I'm grateful for all the free produce. I'm still in love with my Ereader and have downloaded the entire Anita Blake series, I'm on book 7, nine more to go. But it's so relaxing, I sit in the backyard under the trees with my acres of green grass ( I have grass! I have grass!!) with Pearl busy bee-ing around. She goes and visits the neighbors, she and Gabe are still having fun being Neighbor Dogs, I see Jim and Robin once in awhile. I finally got my replacement remote from Atlantic Broadband, there's a month out of my life I'll never get back. If your remote doesn't work they will send you a replacement BUT you have to wait until they get 5 customers that need remotes as then they can send them bulk and it's very expensive to mail things you know. No, I'm not kidding. So Kudos to Atlantic Broadband for having a low rate of remote malfunctions but that didn't help us poor schmucks that were remote-less for a month. I suppose I could go around the neighborhood vandalizing the remotes but that would be difficult and probably not make me Neighbor Of The Week.   I'm getting ready to head back to work Monday morning, I can't believe I've been off for a solid month, but glad I did it. There are few opportunities in life that you get a chance to do that without worrying.

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