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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Barffles The Dog.

 David has gone to NJ to see Ray for a few days - he decided to go this weekend as he has a brief lull and I want him here when I go on call at the end of the month. So it fell on me to Reuben The Ever Car Sick to the vet today for his check up. You have to feel bad for him - he is not having a good time, but you have to feel bad for me too - I REALLY don't have a good time. He won't get in the car so I slid the  kitchen door open with one foot, shooed Molly off with the other and carried stiff as a board Reuben out to the car. I slid him in the back seat on a blanket where he laid there like a wilting violet. He drooled buckets but no barfing which I with the Fairly New Car was grateful for. When we got to the vet's I opened the door and leashed him, he panicked and in doing so slammed my hand so hard against the edge of the door he split it open. I went to the back of my car where it became apparent a HUGE advantage of being a visit nurse is you can apply your own pressure dressing from the trunk while the person at the next car is looking a bit queasy. Suck it  up sugar pie - really, it was not that bad! We ended up having to wait almost 45 minutes but I had stopped bleeding by then and it gave Reuben plenty of time for hysterical pooping. I have no idea why we brought a sample, after half an hour they could have had their pick of samples. Dr Hyde still loves Reuben Boobin though and we got to see his new yellow lab puppy Mayhem who kept sneaking in the room. Dr. Hyde is very fond of this breed and had nothing but good things to say about Reuben - he said there was no reason to give the nutrition talk since he was a very fit and athletic looking dog. He said he was actually perfect for the breed and he was quite pleased with him. He said he was a very good looking dog and was in perfect health.  I have to say Reuben behaves well and allowed a temp, multiple shots and dye in his weepy eye to see if the duct was blocked. It is but they are doing nothing for now, Dr. Hyde said unblocking it would involve anesthesia and other stuff and right now it's not a big deal. He does have to have the growth on his leg removed so I made an appointment for next week to have that done. Reuben is going in at 8am and when he gets picked up at 11:30 Molly is going for her exam and shots, then they both come home. After the vets Reuben was once again inserted into the back seat and commenced drooling but still nothing UNTIL WE GOT TO THE DRIVEWAY. I backed in and as we rolled up towards the garage Reuben barfed up about 3 days worth of food, filling the new leather backseat up and getting everywhere but on the blanket. Sigh.Oh well, at least it will be David's turn next week.

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