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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Blog Is Nearing Ten!

 For some reason I was wondering how long exactly I've had this blog - so I went back to the beginning. Can it really be nine years in July? That we've spent the past ten years dorking here and there before landing in sunny Pennsyltucky where the sun always shines and days never end? In Gerards Fort where all the popular people live? All six of us! In July of course I'll do a synopses of the past ten years but time does fly when you don't know how to stay put. I am working towards being (officially) off orientation at work which will be a relief. I do not like being on orientation anywhere, it just makes me feel unsettled and fretting. It's going a bit better this week I think, you know I figured I'd just step right back into my old shoes and off I'd go. But it's been almost four years and some things need some time. Doing labs and wound vacs came back fast, using a INR machine weirdly enough did not. You need a drop of blood not too big not too small and it took a few tries, eek!! But it is coming together and more importantly I'm enjoying myself again. The two at a time socks are rolling along - had a little bit of a scary time when I tried to switch needles for a longer circular. It took me a couple of tries to get it straight and then the new needles I bought - they stunk! They stunk ALOT. The yarn kept catching on it and I ended up having to put the socks back on the shorter needles. Bastards!

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