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Thursday, April 18, 2013

West Virginia My Home

I have often said how lucky I am to live on the border of West Virginia - in the spring it gets amazing around here and being out on the road is something else. But it's more than that, I just love it here. I love where I live, my pesky dogs, my silly 1950's bathroom with the homemade plywood cabinets painted a cheery yellow, my patients that are fascinated by the nurse from New York. I'm used to people telling me to be careful when I leave, kicking off my shoes during mud season no matter what policy is ( you want to explain policy after you slogged mud all over some one's clean carpet, you go right ahead!). I know what ramps are and have eaten them on more than one occasion. I did a visit where while speaking to the family had a generous preschooler piling(real) bunnies behind me on the chair and have in my travels admired my fair share of livestock. People here are more generous I think - if we've ever needed anything we have never done without and we share the wealth in return. It's a kinder, gentler pace. Of course there are problems, there's no zoning so someone can pop a trailer and have a dozen rusty cars sprinkled throughout, you can fire your gun off in your yard and sometimes neighbors do get into it. But overall, it's a fun place to live and the only place I feel like I'm home. If I get too far I get homesick beyond belief, I don't know why either but I'm just glad to have somewhere to call my own. We are going to Canton Ohio this weekend, David is getting a cap for his truck so I'm going along for the scenery and to see what I can scope out. My birthday is the 29th and I know what I'm getting already. A Kobo Mini! Super excited yessireebob! It's so tiny you can stick it in your pocket and cart it around. I have a few more rows on the socks and will be turning the heels this weekend, then starting the leg portions. I'm probably going to make at least one more run at the yarn shop that's closing, I'm waiting til next week though. If it's really cheap I'll buy, if not I'll pass it by - it's not like I"m going to run out of yarn anytime soon. David is taking the crew to the vet tomorrow, Reuben has to get the growth taken off his leg so David is dropping him off at 8am. Then at 11:30 he'll bring Molly for her check up, then bring them both home. Better him than me!

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