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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Going to Ohio!

 David needed a cap for his truck and after searching the Internet found a shop out in Canton Ohio. A new cap would have been over $1200 - a used cap was about $350 installed. Since I've never been to Canton Ohio I was invited to ride shotgun, a three hour ride through back roads mainly. We left around 8am so we would have time for me to take pictures and if we saw something fun we could do it. The ride was really fun, it's been awhile since just the two of us have doodled around. We stopped many times to take pictures, we saw a truck cap that was the same color as his truck but when we pulled in we saw it wouldn't fit. They had one of those jockeys in the yard that are politically incorrect, I took a picture but didn't post it. I've seen them other places but most people paint them white which in my opinion is just strange, what difference does it make?  I will have to google it and let you know. Anyhoo - off we went again and stopped at a barn sale which was freaking freezing I  might add. The temps never got out of the 30's and it actually started stinking SNOWING at one point. We found nothing at the barn sale so off we went t the Cap Store. They had a nice lounge area with Net Flix and Free Coffee - it was supposed to take 45 minutes to an hour as they not only have to fit it on but have to do the wiring. There was some sort of issue with the wiring so it took closer to two hours, arrgh! Arrgh again! Triple Arrgh! I did not go to the magical land of Ohio to sit around a car shop! When we were finally released I had the names of three yarns shops. The first one was closed and I might add, a bit on the scary side.  It was in a rather shady run down area and had YaRn painted across the window. Eek! The next one was in a swankier part of town, but closed and turned into a bicycle shop. Rats! Third time is the charm and I got to shop in My Sister's Yarn Store which was lovely and I got some sock yarn that I super don't need and a yellow duck tape measure. We started wandering home and about 4 stopped at King's Diner in Steubenville. I had a Hand Breaded Fried Fish on a roll which was suspiciously looking like a not hand breaded fish. But it was what I wanted as it had little to no taste, was fried past the point of Ickyness and was cheerfully buried beneath bread, cheese and tartar sauce. We had pie for dessert and then another two hours to home arriving back at 7 pm. Adam was home with the hooligans all day since Reuben is still post op so he was more than ready to dart off when we got back - had enough of Them. We are having issues with Reuben, he can lick the staples past the cone of shame and nothing else seems to work so we're down to Shrieking Intermittently which seems to be working. Sort of.

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