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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our House Is A Very Very Fine House.

Do you realize in just a few weeks we will have lived here, in this very house, for TWO years?  That's right! We bought our home on my fiftieth birthday which was one of the finest birthdays I have ever had. This year, for my 52nd birthday I will be hoping for a Kobo Mini. You can't get a house every year you know. Two years have brought a lot of changes. We got a new dog Reuben. Our beloved Pearl passed away. We got another very unexpected - but very welcome and loved - dog named Molly. One son moved home to start college, the other got married - both forging new paths. David took the giant leap of buying a foreclosure to resell. And I left management and went back on the road as a visit nurse. My job is going fun if you're wondering - it's stressful at times but over all I enjoy my new co-workers. One of the other nurses and I were coming back from a job (I was learning admissions) and we were laughing so hard I couldn't breath - it's been a long time since I've had the opportunity to laugh like that. Working with my former and now my current boss has been nice, new day, new world. She's been there a year as of last week, time passes.  So I am busy, happy sort of days. I stopped at a yarn store today that had opened last year, sadly they're closing already. I think it was the location personally, most people didn't even know she was there and Morgantown already has  a yarn shop down town that's been there for years. I like that store better, it's in a little hole in the wall store and you have give the big door a push to get into the foyer. My replacement needles are there so I have to stop by - when I was making my shawl Molly sat on one of my interchangeable needles  and refused to get off so we tussled a little. Actually I tried to get it back and she thought it was a game so she did most of the tussling. In the midst of all those hijinks's the needle broke. Dammit. But I emailed Cecilia at the yarn shop and she ordered me a new set which I will pick up either Friday or Saturday - this is why I try not to shop at a chain store. You just don't get that kind of service. I have made a couple of attempts at two at a time socks - not going well, not going well at all. I'm giving it a couple more attempts though, it's driving me crazy that I can't do it. Arrgh.

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