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Sunday, April 7, 2013

New Beginnings.

 I finally got my magic loop socks started after a week or so of false starts. I was busy doing other things - like working for money - so it was hit and miss. I was getting very frustrated, it's hard to figure it out from a book no matter how well it's explained and illustrated.  I tried the step by step pictures by figuring out which way the yarn goes and where my hands should be - hopeless. And I knew once I figured it out it would be clear, but figuring it out - arrgh!! I went back to my old stand by YouTube and after  peering at a few tutorials finally figured it out (other things I've figured out on You Tube is how to use a cough assist on a ventilator dependent patient and how dialysis works. Love You Tube)I started on a size two and downsized after a few rows rather than restarting. It took me so long to get it going I was afraid to frog it and start again. I am pretty much off of orientation of work, I was home early one day - and pretty late on Friday. I had a lot of patients and of course a lot of things going wrong. Nothing major - couldn't find the first house, left the plug for my android at the office so by the last couple of visits I was going as fast as possible before it died, the last visit of the day could not find the house for love or money. Then I had to go back to the office to rescue my plug, then home. But not too late and it does happen. I went to the Craft Barn on Saturday morning to pick up my replacement needles from the ones that Molly sat on but didn't buy yarn because I was heading for the one that's going out of business which is pretty sad. This is the third  yarn shop that's closed in the past year. A new one opened but it's up near Pittsburgh and it's hard for even me to justify that. So I got some beautiful alpaca lace weight yarn and will most likely be back if the prices drop again, she's down to 50% off but it's a catch 22. I'm sure the price will drop but when it does there won't be much left. My seedlings are starting to grow but I think it's still to early to plant them, isn't it? The weather finally warmed up for real today, but it's windy and overcast so it's a mitigated, but I'll take when I can.

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