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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Scream Cone

That's a toy Reuben is carrying in his cone!
 Reuben is driving us crazy with the stinking cone! When you go downstairs in the morning he can't really see so you end up racing down the stairs with The Cone pushing your butt down the stairs as fast as you can go. He randomly bonks everyone - the cats, Molly, me - and  uses it as a weapon when they race around the yard. Molly retaliates by either grabbing the edge and yanking him around or more hilariously - barking down it thereby ringing his bells. We have a blow up collar on underneath that! -  we've found he can reach his staples even with the cone on. He had them bleeding the other day and after all the money we've spent this week we certainly don't need to make anymore trips. The staples come out theoretically in two weeks but we'll see how far we get with them. Hopefully it will heal before he sneaky works them loose. We had the tumor bioped but have not gotten the results yet, I think the vet did it as a precaution as it as was much more vascular than expected. All of this has not slowed him down just in case you're wondering. The weather has turned warm again and my thoughts go back to my garden, I've already had to weed it and there's no plants in it. My seedlings are going to have to go in soon though, some of them have roots bursting out the bottom  and the rest are squeezing tight. The stinking deer have been lurking around already, maybe they need a little Bonkeroo with the Subaru  to keep them out of the yard and out of my garden.   Not much coming down the pike - I am on call for the first time this coming Saturday. I do not like being on call, no one does but it's part of the package so off I go. I am pretty disappointed that I will not be getting a day off for working the weekend as I had been promised when I signed on - that REALLY blows big time. It would not have been a total game changer but I certainly would have thought about and discussed it more had I know it was going to be like this. But everywhere you go it's something. I am finally getting the hang of the android I think  and will be off of orientation tomorrow. I have actually been on and off orientation since I started, but it worked out. I continue to work on my two at a time socks, I turned the heels (that took some real thought, especially with the short rows and turns) I have two more rows before going back in the round. I have to stop after I do a few rows in the round to make sure the heels are OK, it's the first time I've done them and not totally sure about it. I'll try them on and hopefully they'll be OK as I would hate to have to restart. But the yarn is so expensive it would not be worth it to make socks that  no one can wear. So that's all the news for now!

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