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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Aloha From Delaware

We had a good time at Janet and Diane's. The plan was for me to pick Jackson up from school parking lot in the back at 2:45 and drive straight to thier house. Jackson obliged by standing in the front of the school.I didn't know where he was so I tried calling his cell phone that he didn't answer because he thought I was that crazy spanish woman who thinks he's her son Justin. So I had to call David at home to call him to find out where he was. We got it all straightened out and off we went.  We were heading down the highway at 3:15 when my phone rang - it was David wanting to know if  I wanted this black suitcase by the couch. Sigh. So back to the house we went and that turned into last minute packing, bathroom breaks, etc so when all was said and done we got to Janet's around 6:30, it's about 2 1/2, 3 hours from here. We went out to Harry's Hotdogs and the waitress was making a little fun of the lone vegetarian having a Reuben without the cornbeef but she was nice. They've been doing tons of building in their area, I was amazed at how many more town houses have sprung up. That farm behind them is now another development sadly enough. We headed out for Delaware the next morning, Jackson's whole mission for visiting Aunt Janet was to buy an external memory and he's been saving his money for quite awhile. Since there's tons of shopping and no sales tax he made out pretty well. For lunch we did Kahunaville, which is like a little bit of the tropics in the middle of winter. Not really, but it's VERY tacky and alot of fun and you can get fake-y tropic meals. I didn't do too much shopping myself - after all the moving we've done the idea of adding more stuff to our house just isn't appealing anymore. I can no longer look at anything without thinking of how well it will pack. We had a quiet saturday night and watched a DVD - Troy which Jackson enjoyed because he loves mythology and I  enjoyed because I love Brad Pitt (who doesn't??). We headed out at 9 am Sunday  since I had to work the  7 - 7 that night. Ray was out for the weekend visiting David so I got to see him for a big five minutes I think. Davids' busy doing a bit of re-siding in the front of the house today and I took pictures to show to the gestapo since he once again does NOT have permission to do any of this. I'm considering blackmail.

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