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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Now You See It, Now You Don't!!

Yep, after many many years Jackson has lost the hair. He's claiming it's due to David but considering the first thing he did when we got home was have me take pictures and then email them off to all his friends - he's not unhappy. The girl that cut his hair was a nervous wreck, she was fairly new but was a Hot Chick so anything she did was ok with the boy. She was going Oh My Gwad as she was cutting off the very long parts and Jackson was like just keep going. So he is a Neat and Tidy boy these days. He also managed to unclog the john that he jammed up yesterday after a secret trip to home Depot. We took him out to his favorite chinese buffet and he did make a little extra cash off the haircut so he was a happy boy yesterday too. They're still predicting a major snowfall for Monday so I guess I'd better finish up my shopping today.

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