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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Row Row Row Your Boat

Vincent has become, as most people know, a very valued member of the family. Now he's truly fitting in by being a Loony Cat. Over the past few months his obsession with running water has become quite apparent - and now he has a new found activity of playing in the bathtub. He gets in there and flies around and then just bounces around the bathroom in general. He waits outside the door  hoping to see the toilet flush and is my occaional pal when I brush my teeth or wash my face. He breaks in while we shower and it's not unusual these days to see a pair of little black ears peeking past the curtain. He decided to be brave and  ventured out into the snow yesterday but was back in the house before I was. The dogs enjoy it and we got more snow overnight, with more predicted later in the week. I started walking yesterday, I have about 10 pounds to lose, gained partially because I've been unable (or unwilling) to go to the gym. Faced with either the prospect of losing it or having to buy a new wardrobe if this continues I've decided to bite the bullet and get moving. I've found that as I get older the pounds that used to just come off now stay on like cement. It's hard to stay the course when you work at it and nothing happens or you put in a large effort with little result but I need to take care of this before it gets unmanagable. Sigh, grapefruit anyone??

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