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Saturday, February 26, 2005

The Boy I Am Considering Killing.

Jackson developed a problem with his toilet this morning in which it does not drain right. Further investigation has uncoverered the fact that SOME people have trouble distinguishing thier "toilet" from thier "trash can" and they have now been advised that in the event thier garbage is full, that it is NOT prudent to flush the excess. Sigh. Hopefully a little Drano-type stuff will help as attempting to explain the dynamics to David will be a bit tough and might even involve some yelling since David will be the one negotiating the underworld of our house. It started to snow again this morning but just a dusting, we're expecting "significant" snowfall on Monday - whatever that means. That works out well in my world since I'm working 7-7 on Sunday and then off on Monday which means if everthing goes as predicted I'll miss the bad parts. I've been doing alot of walking lately, both on the treadmill and in the neighborhood. The nice thing  about them not letting dogs run is you can walk forever without being chased down by someone's dog that the owner will insist is "just the friendliest thing" while the animal is eyeballing you like a Big Mac. I'm taking ACLS on the 8th, they somehow messed up my schedule so I've got to do 8 hours of ACLS, go home and then come back for an 8 hour shift - but then I get an extra day off (sort of!) so it works out. Jackson and I are off to Dixon City this morning for him to finally get a hair cut, I think he's sick of having to take care of all that hair and is ready to get rid of it. Not to mention if we can't get the toilet/trash can thing straightened out it will go along way with Dad.

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