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Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Ice Cold Milkshakes!

I'm once again participating in my favorite hobby of cow stalking. I just can't help myself, I find them so interesting and so big! I hope one day to have a cow of my own, just one since I'm planning on only befriending it and not eating it. I saw this black cow yesterday and that is the kind I want. It's called a black angus cow and they are not allowed in the hideout as far as I know. I should probably get out the rule book, but I think since I'm not allowed to have bonfires or discharge firearms, it's a pretty good bet farm animals are on the list of DoNots. We got a delivery of firewood yesterday so Jackson will be stacking it when he gets home from school. He was still recovering from David's faux-pas the other day. David had removed the built in bookshelf in his room to spackle the wall and decided not to put it back as he felt it was too big. Then he was seized by heaven-knows-what and REARRANGED ALL OF JACKSON'S FURNITURE. This all took place when Jackson was in school and anyone that has had contact with a teenager can feel the pain. Jackson was beside himself and I still cannot get David to grasp the concept of Personal Space. David was all insulted because in his view he was doing Jackson a Big Favor by arranging things in the best way possible. Jackson actually declared to me that I was crazy if I expected him to "live like THIS" and he was considering running off. I told Jackson just to put it back the way he had it and David bought him a new - and smaller - bookcase which he boycotted for 24 hours by refusing to put anything on it and stacking everything on the floor in an act of Overt Defiance. Everyone is over it today and David hopefully has learned his lesson! I got the first half of the poncho done and am currently working on the 2nd half which is taking this side of Forever.

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