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Monday, February 21, 2005

The Latest Fashion

I took a tiny break from the poncho, which I might add is taking YEARS to complete and it still remains homeless. I made this hat because I liked the earflaps (and you can tie them up for summer wear as demonstrated in picture #2) and it's currently on it's way to Farmington, Maine for Celia since she's one of the few people I know that seriously could use the earflaps. I'm actually almost done with the poncho, but as we all know the last bit is always the longest  and I'm currently making myself finish it. If I don't, it'll sit on a closet shelf for years, haunting me until I finally lose the directions and throw it out and then feel guilty for wasting all that time and effort for nothing. Jackson and I went to see Constintine yesterday, it was pretty good and Jackson particularly enjoyed that God gets his ass kicked a little bit. He's still going through THAT phase of Drama And Darkness but occasionally a little light peeks through so we'll just ride it out. The movie theater here still amazes me, afternoon matinee is very popular and the parking lot is always 3/4 of the way full, even for the first showings. We got home around 5 pm and then went out again to the chinese buffet, so yesterday was a good day. David is currently negotiating another job and while he's not busy doing that, he's busy breaking the rules with the Gestapo. He was thinking they were maybe tailing him, but I think he's just got a little bit of paranoia going. He finished the front of the house, it's hard to tell in the picture I posted but it does look much better. He'll probably do the entire house eventually since he doesn't seem to be able to help himself and leave anything alone. We got about 5 or 6 inches of snow last night so school is cancelled which is ok. They were supposed to have today off but they took it away due to all the snow days they've had and now have had to give it back since it, well, snowed. I'm sure Jackson's weeping will be held to a low minimum, perhaps a few tiny sobs into his pillow. He generally doesn't get too upset over school closings. David might be going to NJ this coming weekend, Ray's sister's house is getting ready to be sold and he wants David to have some of his sister's furniture so if it doesn't snow that will be the activity for the weekend for them and Jackson and I will be on our own. Sleeping late and eating doughnuts!! Whoo hoo!

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