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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Our Backyard

Well, one more night of work and then I'm off for two! Work has been getting shorter and shorter, but it's the same where ever you go, so there's no point in complaining about it. The temp finally dropped this morning and although they were predicting up to six inches we've only gotten a little less than a dusting. They're threatening again tonight but we'll see. We're leaving for Janet's tomorrow after Jackson gets out of school and should arrive around dinner time. Work was rather rough last night - ICU can either be very easy OR very not easy. I had two patients and spent the entire 12 hours running between the two of them. Hopefully tonight will be a bit easier! And I've run into THAT nurse - there's one on every floor. You know the one that pretends she writes people up and talks about them because "I just have to!". I overheard this individual telling someone that she's anal about everything and I guess that would explain why she's such an asshole! (pardon the french!)

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