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Thursday, July 9, 2009

ACK! What Is That!

I have some sort of big, red, nasty, thingy on the back of my leg - it might be some sort of spider bite.  It's very red a good 8 cm in diameter, a bit swollen and ITCHY - every time I scratch it it gets a little worse so Grouchy Dave came over and stuffed an ice bag under my leg. I refuse to admit it is making it feel better whatever it is. The only other thing it could be is a zombie bite. Maybe I was sleeping and a odoriferous decaying zombie quietly shambled in and tried to take a big drippy bite out of my leg - someone turned the light on and it shambled away, foiled again. Hmm. Oh well. In other news continue with  Weight Watchers Online and it's Super Cool - I have been using the point tracker and stuff and have lost a few pounds already, if anyone says it's water weight I will smack them, it is not. At work we are working on marketing this week, I love that Bayada has a communications dept to run ideas by and they brainstorm and come up with some too. Actually they have a dept for pretty much everything I think - you get very involved with them I think.  On the home front the RE brought clients by, I was fairly annoyed. They were supposed to be here at 6:30 and didn't show up until 7 pm. This would not be a big deal on the weekend but during the week after an 11 hour day and I haven't eaten yet - he's lucky I didn't whip the door open, pull his still beating heart out of his chest and grind it into the cement with my good work heels. Instead I was a wee bit rude (he said "oh, I guess I'm late" and I said "Yes, you are") - and went outside with David and Pearl The Wonder Dog. They looked a bit yahoo-like and quite honestly, I've given up for the summer. By the time it gets sold I won't want to move

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