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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Busy Bees

We've been off and running since we came back on Sunday - nothing headline, but busy. Work is picking up - we got some admissions this week. I've been orientating the new nurse and running the office,  I even got to hold a guinea pig - it had a little towel to sit on and it just sat there and let me pet it. It was super cool! I am starting meeting next week which I'm excited about as it means we're moving along - I'll be getting a new associate soon and that will be a great relief as our patient load grows it gets more and more difficult to keep it all straight. David and I are planning on taking a vacation, we're going to see Adam down in Norfolk and we'll also get to see John, Carleen and the kids. The RE was here again tonight (yes, I know what I said about that the last time they showed up after work, but this guy was on time). Miss Pants got to eyeball them before we headed out to the back field where she was busy harassing the avian population . The shawl is getting bigger daily, it's an easy pattern once you get it down pat yet looks impressive. The Weight Watchers is going along alright, I'm enjoying it and have lost about 4 pounds so far so everything is alright in my universe at the moment. 

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